We have the following ministries:

Youth Ministry – meeting every Sunday after the worship service here at church.

KIDS Church Ministry – every Sunday during the regular worship service at 10:00 am.

Prayer Ministry – Morning prayer, every Tuesday – Friday, starts at 6:00 am here at church. Friday prayer and Power Prayer meeting, every Friday, starts at 7:30 pm, here at church.

Caring Arm Ministry  and NSNL Foodbank

Missions Ministry




  • Pastor Jason An (Mobile#: 021 808 337) – every Wednesday, 7:30 pm, Northcote, Auckland.
  • Gill Fuller & Wendy Jensen (Mobile#: 027 291 3011) – Wednesdays (Fortnightly), 10:00 am, here at church.
  • Julian Magpantay ( Mobile#: 022 635 3416) – Saturdays (Fortnightly), 7:30 pm, Glenfield, Auckland.

For more information, kindly contact these Life Group leaders. You are not obliged to join the same group that you are currently attending or attended in the past. You may try another group to fellowship, study, and grow in your walk with our Lord.